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In an age of sophisticated technology, the different kinds of digital media have become an indispensable part of our daily life. For example, the rising of facebook, twitter, and WeChat not only has provided a platform for us to communicate with each other, share pictures and comments instantly, but also influence our behaviors and life styles. As a big fan of these digital media tools, on one hand, I enjoy the convenience that technology has brought to us, but on the other, I have witnessed the power of these digital media, such as, how public opinion influences the decision making of public policy; and how they are maliciously used to manipulate the public opinion. It has aroused my interest in mastering knowledge in communication and digital media, using it as a tool to make a positive…show more content…
New digital technologies have been applied to develop communication strategies and campaigns. They create new forms of communication platforms, where people are encouraged to organize and behave themselves as they like. Take the recent phenomenon of internet mob as an example. Although internet has brought much fun in our lives, when the network order has not been controlled effectively, the internet mob phenomenon has been greatly concerned. From the attacks in virtual space to violence in reality, the negative public opinion of the internet mob stirred up reflection of people on the virtual society. The digital revolution is giving rise to new forms of disruption from users who have found reverse ways to express themselves in an increasingly networked world. Some improper problems have touched on questions of history, civics, political philosophy, media and government. We are now facing critical challenges for digital society, such as how can we make the most of digital revolution, how to minimize and manage its risk, how to educate people to use it

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