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Odysseus’s Conflict With Destiny Final Draft Thesis Statement: Odysseus, the wise and brave King of Ithaca has full control of his destiny. He just doesn’t take the extra steps and precautions on his journey to control of his destiny for the better. In Homer’s The Odyssey, Odysseus embarks on a journey to get home with the help of gods. Destiny is a major element in this book. Destiny is defined as an event or course of events that will inevitably happen in the future. Although there is a debate on whether destiny exists in real life, the gods in The Odyssey influence the humans’ destinies. Along with them, certain prophets can tell the future as if it is indeed inevitable. A reader would think that the future is inevitable in The Odyssey because everything predicted comes true. In real life I believe that the future is not set and only God knows what is going to happen. One could argue that if someone knows what is going to happen then it is inevitable. I think that the future is still not set because God only sees the outcome of free choices that people will make. The future is actually not set in The Odyssey because Odysseus chooses not to change his future when it is told to him, thus making it come true. I think that the only reason that the prophet Tireseas was able to tell Odysseus his future is because Odysseus sealed it by making a decision not to change it. Also, the only reason it…show more content…
The Odyssey is a perfect example of cause and effect and how that alone dictates the future, unless humanlike gods want something to happen. If Odysseus made better decisions, he would’ve made it home earlier; if Odysseus had told his men their destiny, they would have lived to reach their homes; and if the gods didn’t help Odysseus on his journey as much as they did, he wouldn’t have been destined to reach

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