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Essay on Desmond Morton’s Canada's Expeditionary Force: The Canadian Contingent in South Africa In Desmond Morton’s “ Canada’s Expeditionary Force: The Canadian Contingent in South Africa”. The author argues that the Boer War set the tone for Eyclacial failures, the Canadian Military would be forced to endure in later foreign conflicts in the 20th Century. He states that “the circumstances surrounding the decisions to send an official contingent to the south African war contained a warning of the deep divisions that the war in the 20th century would bring to Canadian Society. “1He further adds that, this indifference has obscured other presendents that would set patterns repeated in two world wars and in Korea. “2 Desmond Morton’s Thesis is evident in three themes i have identified, an nation divided, inappropriate equipment, lack of adequate supplies, and lack of training. These themes can be viewed in past conflicts and leading up to Afghanistan. Canada’s army took part in its first overseas campaign during the Boer war. The decision to send soldiers split Canada along the french-English lines. A glimpse of things to come in two world wars and Korea. Sir Wilfred Laurier, the Prime minister at that time, did not believe Canada should join the war. However he faced growing pressure from the English Canadians who wanted to prove their importance , and reliability to the British-Empire. On the other hand the French Canadians denounced this decision, they interpreted the war as one to pressure a minority Culture in the face of British Imperialism. Sir Wilfred Laurier decided to dispatch a volunteer force of 1000 soldiers to be commanded by their own Officers. These Officers would fall under the command of the British Military. World War One saw ethnical divisions , but not to the extent of the Boer war. During World War Two, Prime Minister William McKenzie King
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