Essay On Delbanco And Cheuse's Writing Style In English Literature

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ENGL 1302: COMPOSITION AND RHETORIC II Summer 2013 Course Information Course Title: Composition and Rhetoric II Course Number: ENGL 1302 Course Section: 6011 Credit Hours: 3 credits: 3 hours lecture Prerequisite: ENGL 1301 Class Days and Times: Online Room Location: Online Faculty Information Name: Sherry Hill E-mail: Phone: Office Hours: by appointment COURSE MATERIALS (Required): Delbanco & Cheuse, Literature: Craft and Voice, Volume 1: Fiction, 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill, 2012. Delbanco & Cheuse, Literature: Craft and Voice, Volume 2: Poetry, 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill, 2012. Delbanco & Cheuse, Literature: Craft and Voice, Volume 3: Drama, 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill, 2012. Aaron, Jane E. The Little, Brown Compact Handbook. 7th…show more content…
Recognize the elements of appropriate literary genres. Focus a topic and formulate a critical/analytical thesis, focus, main point, or claim appropriate for an academic audience that analyzes literature – nonfiction and/or fiction. Use a variety of organizational strategies within a single paper to support a thesis, focus, main point, or claim. Interpret texts in a variety of cultural and historical contexts. Demonstrate an ability to use effective research techniques to find appropriate oral and/or written media such as books, articles, interviews, visuals, and government documents. Demonstrate an ability to evaluate sources. Avoid plagiarism when incorporating quotations, paraphrases, and ideas. Follow standard guidelines in documenting resources. Synthesize and evaluate various interpretations of texts to complete an extended research project. Compose relatively error-free…show more content…
As this class is in online format, “class participation” will be measured by regular postings to the class Discussion Boards. A student may be dropped for excessive absences or lack of participation. It is the responsibility of each student to contribute to the class Discussion Forums and respond to your fellow students’ posts. This is a participatory class, so be prepared to participate. Withdrawal Policy (Drops): Withdrawal from the course after the official day of record (see current catalog) will result in a final grade of “W” on the student transcript, and no credit will be awarded. Prior to the official day, it is the student’s responsibility to initiate and complete a request for withdrawal from any course. Withdrawals are processed only if the student completes and submits for signature(s) the required withdrawal form(s) available from the Admissions Office. If you are considered a first-time college student, a new law was passed in Fall 2007 that limits to six the number of courses you may drop (withdraw with a grade of "W") while enrolled at any Texas public institution of higher education. A first time in college student is a student not currently enrolled in high school and who has never taken a college or university course anywhere at any time. If you consider dropping this course during the semester, you might want to go to advising prior to

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