Essay on Day Care

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What is meant by the term day care? In general it refers to a form of temporary care (i.e. not all day and night long), not provided by family members or someone well known to the child and usually takes place outside of the home. What is meant by social development? The aspect of a child’s growth that is concerned with the development of sociability and with the process of socialisation Identify and describe two types of day care? Day Nurseries can care for children aged from birth to five years and usually offer day care from 8am to 6pm, for most of the year. All day nurseries will be registered with Ofsted and inspected regularly. Private Nursery Schools are owned privately and can offer sessional or full day care to children aged two to five. Outline possible effects of day care on children’s peer relations Clarke-Stewart et al. (1994) found that children in group-based day care were actually more sociable and better able to negotiate with peers than children cared for at home or at child-minders. Supporting evidence by Field (1991) found that the more time children spent in day care, the more friends they had and the more extracurricular activities they engaged in. Outline what research has shown about the effects of day care on children’s behaviour Maccoby and Lewis carried out a study into the effect of day care on children and they found that the more hours children spend in day care before they were 4 and a half years old, the more behavioural problems they would show in later education, along with increased conflicts with teachers. Field (1988) agreed with their findings and found that children who had been in full time day care were more aggressive towards their peers. However other studies show that day care doesn’t necessarily cause children to be more aggressive, but it can be the other way round as some home-reared children are seen to be more
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