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GROUP NUMBER: 2 TITLE: CYBER TERRORISM AND COMPUTER CRIME Introduction The existence law in cyber does not able to accommodate or combating cyber terrorism that has become rampant in our day today. Cyber terrorism refers to any conduct that has the intention causing the victim to suffering, loss, and constant through exploiting computer or communication networks. All common activities for a cyber-terrorism such like theft, fraud, intimidation and more than that as long as it breakdown the laws of cyber. In 2008, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has stated that cyber terrorism refers to a cyber-attack using or manipulating computer or communication networks to cause plenty damage to generate fear or intimidate a society into an ideological…show more content…
As a recommendation, I think that they need to get all prepared very well before start to presentation. They need to understand deeply about the topic of cyber-terrorism and computer-crime before want to deliver the information to the audience. It is because, if they as presenters don’t understand well about the topic, the same goes with the audience. Other than that, I don’t have any comments for the additional evidence to support the group’s conclusion because their conclusion was not very clear and it seems like they not sure and confident with their own conclusion. View For me, cyber-terrorism and computer-crime would affect our life if there is no ways to prevent it and it would become worst if it happens to us and our family members. Besides, organizations or websites which are using online application will also receive threats and harassment of cyber terrorism and computer crime by hack into the confidential information of the organization with the intention to stop the operation of the

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