Essay On Custody Punishments

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Custody Levels and Punishment The following information explains the different levels of custody and the punishments that go along with those levels. Many offenders are sentenced to serve varying amounts of time in jail or prison. Some facilities are under federal control, while some are under the control of the state in which they reside in. Jails are usually under the control of city or county they are in. The way any jail or prison is run can vary due to the type of inmates and the rules of the jurisdiction they happen to be in. All inmates are entitled to basic necessities like food, water, and the like, while some are entitled to other privileges like being allowed to have a radio, television, books and extra food while in their cells. Some are allowed more visits from families (the amount and length of contact depends upon the security level and rules of the facility), a limited amount of access to the outside prison yard for exercise, possible use of indoor exercise facilities and even the use of a library and other similar activities. Many facilities offer types of employment to the inmates that are not considered to be a high security risk. As in all facilities, federal and state and county, the behavior of the inmate has a large bearing on the privileges or punishments that each inmate…show more content…
These boot camps, sometimes called ‘shock camps’, are an alternative to regular incarceration that focuses directly on rehabilitation and deterring any future conduct that could land a person back in jail and trouble. It uses a combination of military-style physical training along with psychotherapeutic counseling. In some areas, the inmate is given a choice of volunteering for the boot camp instead of incarceration. However, the inmate may voluntarily drop out of boot camp if they feel that it is too difficult at which point they are transferred to a regular incarceration
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