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Growing up in South Florida you see a lot of cultures all around you. I know they say New York is the melting pot of the country but South Florida has so many cultural influences from many countries. There is flags on cars, there are towns named after cities in other countries, and people representing where they came from. Representing where you or your family originated has become the cool thing to do. People will trace back to their great great great uncle and claim that they are part of that nationality. During homecoming week one year we had a nationality day and everyone came dressed up covered in flags or depicting a person from their culture. I am a Cuban-American, my parents were both born in Cuba but I was born and raised in Florida.…show more content…
I do feel pressure to improve my Spanish because in our culture we often have these huge gatherings where our distant relatives get together and I can barely communicate with them. I am more into the food in my culture. I could eat Cuban food everyday if possible; I love beans and rice, pork, and plantains. I feel like I’ve been eating that type of food since I was a baby, my sister’s dislike any type of Spanish food and opt for cheeseburgers. Although I eat like a Cuban I don’t particularly identify myself as one. I have experienced the culture and am surrounded by it daily but I think language is a huge part of being able to consider yourself a part of a certain culture. I feel more American than Cuban because my English is better than my Spanish and if I were to consider myself a full Cuban I wouldn’t be able to hold my own weight in a conversation. I do feel pressure to learn the language and listen to the music because I see so many of my friends and family being a part of this culture and enjoying its rituals but it isn’t a priority of mine unlike my sister. This is how I feel that “Two Ways to Belong in America” is associated with my experience, my sister and I were both brought up at the same time and have had the same experiences when it comes to our culture but we relate and interact with it

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