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Creche Crèches are short sessional care or temporary childcare arrangements to cover things such as shopping trips, conferences, or training events. They provide a play area for a small group of children whose parents are busy doing other things, but are still on the same premises. Many crèches are sited in shopping and leisure centres, with some attached to Adult Education Centres. Full-time work place nurseries are sometimes called crèches, in which case day nursery rules and standards apply. Crèches must have insurance and are inspected by Ofsted. Not all crèches are Ofsted registered therefore not inspected. Some are exempt if they meet certain criteria. It is advisable that parents check to see if a crèche is Ofsted registered.…show more content…
There are many questions to ask when taking a child to a setting such as a creche as its only temporary care and things will be done rather differently then a day nursery for example, if a child has a bump to the head in a day nursery, an accident form and a bump to the head form is written out and the child is given first aid, and parents are contacted. There should be a named first aider in the building and of course a first aid box. A crèche reflects the purpose of the childcare setting by being able to care and educate children even if it is in a short space of time, and the creche settings will cater for many different ages groups from babies to older children that are placed into the setting for parents to be able to go back to work/shopping/gym or do what they need to do, There are many different ages of the children who will attend a crèche, and the space that they provide, promoting a relaxing environment for children to play. A creche should offer equipment that is suitable for all the ages, and activities should be suitable for the age ranges that are

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