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Consideration of Ethics and Diversity Proposal Lano Y Johnson HRM/498 May 23, 2011 Victoria James Consideration of Ethics and Diversity Proposal The way people interact with one another is changing in which the change is for the better. Making sure people of all types of background the same opportunities. Setting ethical standards and diversity in the workplace allows an organization to accomplish anything and achieve the highest standards in which the organization needs to make sure the employee have the same standards for the organization to achieve. Ethical decision making is the foundation to doing right by the organization and employees and diversity in which each employee respects the difference and has an open mind to changes to achieve the level of competitiveness. The ethical consideration among the civilian of the Department of Defense is the ethical decision making. Human resources and the supervisors need to interact about ethical decision making. Employee who is part of management hearing from other that he or she will be performing a particular duty and not from supervisor is not and ethical decisions considerations. Employee is receiving e-mails in reference to this duty but no one from human resources or higher levels of management informed him or her about performing these duties.…show more content…
Ethics cover such a broad spectrum until the person has to take into consideration how would he or she react to the decisions if it were him or her. Diversity in the workplace allows personal growth as well as a professional growth and changes can become impressive if allowed to enter with and open mine. Learning from one another no matter what is his or her background can allow everyone to mature and become a team. Ethics and diversity can help an organization or hurt and

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