Essay on Computer Technology on Fashion Designing

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With the on-going development of modern day technologies, every part of human life has been affected in some way by computer systems. What we wear is no different... In the fashion industry, designers and consumers alike are witnessing something special. For the first time, the technology is emerging that could change the face of fashion forever. Take New York City, for example. It's famous for its designer outlets such as Prada, Armani, and Versace etc. The Italian designer Armani has recently opened a new store near Time Square. The most striking thing about the 15,000 square foot store isn't the see- through raincoats in cages or the clear dressing room doors, made of liquid crystal panels that darken for privacy when shoppers step inside. The real magic in designer stores is the technology behind the scenes... innovations that other retailers are looking to adopt. Using a technology called radio frequency identification that embeds data in clothing tags, the sales assistants armed with handheld computers can find out a lot on the spot. What sizes of those trousers are in stock? What materials are in it? Designer shoppers will eventually be able to create a type of "virtual wardrobe" and store information on what they tried on and purchased in password- protected accounts. They will also be able to purchase customer cards. Such cards would be readable either by assistant's handhelds or at cash registers. Although these tags were designed to make shoppers more happy and stores more efficient, such technologies also carry risks for consumers concerned about privacy. How these top boutiques use its technology to learn about its customers remains to be seen. While other industries may store information online, designer store clerks may have direct access to customer information, thus raising security concerns. Advances in every day textiles are also being

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