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Company Q was not being socially responsible when they closed two grocery stores that were located in the same general area of the city, they did not show a commitment to their employees and the community? When they closed their doors, that meant jobs were lost in the community, this instinctively brings anger towards the food chain. Company Q should have seriously considered what these closures could do to their reputation. Through the years, Company Q was not being socially responsible when they didn’t listen to the customers about stocking healthier foods and organic products. Company Q eventually listened and brought in a limited selection of products, but the customers found them to be to expensive to purchase. Knowing the economic status of the neighborhood their store was in, the customers did not feel that Company Q was being fair to them by supplying such high-margin items. Company Q’s was not socially responsible when they chose to allow their day-old food items to be thrown away instead of being donated to the local area food bank. They chose to show their distrust in their own employees, stating the possibility of the products to be stolen by their employees. Employees need to feel trusted and a valuable asset to the local grocery store chain. Company Q will need to…show more content…
The community can begin to trust Company Q and gain a reputation of being socially responsible. Company Q can do research to see how it can bring in healthier foods and organic products at a better price so the customers can afford to purchase what they need. They also need to look at the safety of the store employees and customers; make sure there are well lit parking lots; provide security cameras throughout the parking area and store so everyone feels safe shopping and walking to their
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