Essay On Columbian Exchange

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The Columbian exchange was a widespread exchange of animals, plants, traditions and the human population which includes slave and disease between the new and the old world. the columbian exchange is also know as the Grand Exchange. the Grand exchange anormously benefited the population of Europe,colonies and amertica , also while being life changing to the Native Americans. explains that the Columbian Exchange was exstemly important because “it explains the reason for the collapse of the Indian nation and the flourishing of the Europe nation attained by the powerful and wealthy status shifted while the Africans were sold as slaves.” hundreds if not thousends of products, traditions and diseases were traded between America and Europe. The major diseases were small pox and whooping cough. Smallpox was a widespread disease that spread rapidly and killed many people. Live stock was also traded cattle, sheep, and pigs…show more content…
Corn was a staple in many lives; corn could grow in various climates. It grows in dry air, that may be too dry for rice and corn can grow in wet that maybe too wet for wheat. Corn also grows quickly, and faster than wheat. Potato is cheap to grow and produce. Potato can grow in poor soil and has a high resistant to cold. Sugar was uses as we use today as a treat. It was used in plants and in meat too. Horses were a useful resource back then. Horses were used for travel and it made it go faster. They were also used for wars, games, racing, draft and work. Lastly illness , Europe used the spread of sickness as a weapon. The Europeans were immune to smallpox whereas the Native Americans were very susceptible to smallpox so this was used at a weapon. About 80-90% of the Native American population suffered from this disease. Both positive and negative effects came from this Grand
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