Essay On Colorado River

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The Colorado River’s source starts in the Rocky Mountains and runs 1,500 miles South, through America and in to Mexico. It is the economic, cultural and social backbone of South West America. In the 1920’s, Western states began dividing and separating the river’s water to build dams and supply for rapidly growing places like San Diego, Phoenix and LA. The river is now responsible for serving approximately 30 million people spread over 7 states in the USA and 2 states in Mexico. It also provides water for 3.5 million acres of cropland. This has increased the agricultural trade for the southwest United States, the water from the river contributes to 15% of the nation’s crops and about 13 percent of its livestock to the tune of more than $1.5 billion a year in agricultural income. Agriculture delivers astonishing benefits for humans and consumes the majority of the Colorado River's water. Diversions from the River for agriculture complete about 78% of the River's…show more content…
Prior to this, droughts had been the main cause of people being unable to inhabit in these same areas, so through a controlled approach of using the river’s water, towns and cities have been able to grow and develop. The river also flows through desert cities such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Tucson. These cities are able to exist because water is diverted away from the Colorado River through aqueducts and reservoirs. Las Vegas relies largely on the water from the river to cater for the amount of light it uses at night, the city has developed in to one of the most well-known cities in the world because of its night life and lights, a lot of which the water from the Colorado River are responsible
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