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Clostridium ( C.Diff ) Dianna D Murphy HCA 240 March 29, 2013 Mrs. Elizabeth Day Clostridium (C.Diff ) Clostridium difficile: Is bacterium that can cause symptoms that range from watery diarrhea, mild abdominal cramping that is sometimes accompanied by fever, blood or pus that shows up in your stool. Also when a person is infected with clostridium they also experience cases of nausea, dehydration, loss of appetite and weight loss. Clostridium: Is prevalent in hospital settings as well as long-term facilities people who are prone to this type of gastrointestinal disease are people that are older that have a history of long-term use of antibiotic therapy. This gastrointestinal disease is passed through feces and then spreads to food, surface as well as other objects when people that are infected don’t take the precautions of washing their hands correctly then the bacteria that cause these types of…show more content…
Also more doctors are getting involved and working closely with labs to come up with a treatment for this gastrointestinal disease called clostridium. Below are some pictures of how a person’s inside looks when they have clostridium these pictures will show different sources of this disease. Clostridium pictures These are a few pictures of how clostridium looks like under the microscope upclose and personal this is what takes over our gastrointestinal disease this is what causes the uncomfortable pain that we experience when this disease hits our body. Finally it’s a tough choice to decide between lifestyle changes or medication when it come to treatment for me it would have to be the aid of medication I am the type that would request medication because this would ease my mind and I know I am cured. Sources: Pictures Sources:

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