Essay On City Road Inequalities

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How some benefit and others lose on a street you know. To see how some benefit and others lose on City Road, a busy main road, in Cardiff is to look at what social inequalities exist on the road. Inequalities are ‘the unequal distribution of valued social resources within a society or between societies’ (Blakely et al, 09, pg24). Differences that can cause inequalities include age, race, gender, class and ethnicity and there are examples of these which we can see on City Road, looking at how differences such as the changes in the road between day and night, and how new businesses in the street can cause social inequalities. The street is used differently between day and night, in the day there is the school run, people out shopping and eating in cafés, whereas at night there’s people visiting pubs, clubs and restaurants. In the day people visit The Macintosh Sports club, which is open to everyone, yet some view it as not accessible to them, the head coach describes it as a daunting place, where it’s all gated off, leading people to think it’s an…show more content…
This view isn’t just shared by the older generation as we also see the young ladies in the pool hall saying “its dead rough”, (Making Social Lives on City Road, Scene 8). This view is not shared however by the local policeman PC Bob Keohane “You can walk this area 24 hours and day and as long as you apply common sense, you know, you won’t become a victim of crime” , (Making Social Lives on City Road, Scene 6). In this scenario the losers are those who feel they can’t visit the road of a night which may lead to social inequalities, as they are missing out on what the road has to offer of a
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