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The Civil Rights movement, Black Panther movement, and Chicano movement, are just a few of some very popular movements. I’ve heard about these movements all throughout my years of education, and they will continue to be brought up even after I finish school, but why. Why is it that social movements like these are prevalent, and how did they become that way? I know they were always brought to my attention through not only teachers, but listening to conversations from my parents and grandparents. So when their generation ends, I will repeat this cycle to my children, because that is how social movements live on. I believe that when I was younger I was more of a spectator but now that I am growing older I am becoming a historian as well as a educator. As a child, I remember listening to my parents talk about changes that need to happen and mention certain movements that happened in their past, and if they really made a difference. A common one that was always brought up was the civil rights movement. A phrase that I would always hear was “ If Martin Luther King Jr. could see the world now do you think he would be satisfied?” That…show more content…
I am apart of a generation where so much social change is occurring, and I feel that it is apparent to be apart of them to make sure these new movements are mentioned and remembered just like the civil rights movement is. One movement that I support is the “To Write Love on Her Arms” social movement, which is trying to rid the thoughts of suicide by bringing hope into people’s lives. I go concerts that TWLOHA puts together to raise money for treatment. I also support the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/A-Sexual movement by signing petitions that are trying to allow them to marry, adopt children, as well as getting the same rights and benefits as heterosexual

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