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Cherokee Past and Present The Cherokee have many names, Cherokee is actually the English Translation of Tsalagi, which means 'Principle people'. There were originally located in: southern Appalachian mountains, west and north South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama and Southwest Virginia with an estimated 12.000 members. Currently they are concentrated in Eastern Oklahoma, the eastern Cherokee band maintain their reservation in western North Carolina, however there are many Cherokee distributed all over the United States. In 2000 census, 729.533 referred themselves as Cherokee. Originally a branch of the Iroquois family. It is believed that they migrated south from the great lakes and settled in three regional settlements about 1000 A.D. These three settlements were; the eastern lower settlements in the southern Piedmont province, the central, heartland of the tribe composed of the Kituhwa and valley settlements in the Blue ridge province and the Overhill, Tennessee settlements in the North and Western Appalachians, and great valley province. Each regional settlement were largely independent,…show more content…
Throughout the next few years, Spanish, French and in 1629 the English made contact with the Cherokee. However, this contact came with dramatic changes to the Cherokees way of life. They traded European products such as cotton for deerskin and slaves. Quickly their tribal structure shifted from the leadership of Priests to warriors, and many warriors became hunters to make profit via trade. Another unfortunate effect of European contact was death and diseases, such as small pox and typhus. DeSoto's initial contact killed many of the tribe. However it was the small epidemics (1729. 1738, 1753, and 1763) which caused the most devastation, losing half of their population from 1674 with an estimated 50.000 to an estimated 25.000 which will remain stable until the

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