Essay On Censorship During Ww1

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How did censorship impact the home front and contribute to the romanticized idea of war? Censorship during ww1 was a very talked about issue which impacted and effected many people during the times of war, the front line and the home front. During ww1 censorship was enforced to prevent information getting to the enemy, such as casualties etc. But was later used to keep the number of sign ups high as it created a romanticized idea of war. Censorship in Australia was passed on the 8th of august 1914 which then allowed the government and military to censor all information leaving the country and being received by residents. Information that was censored were things like the number of casualties, in doing this losses were made out to the home front as victories. This is a major reason why people continued to sign up for war, because all they knew of war was…show more content…
truthful. 375,000 letters were sent through and censored each day during the height of war. Government had all control over what reached the home front, so much so They also brought in “templates” with sentences which were crossed out as necessary, and anything extra written was destroyed, this was done to keep details returning to the home front minimal. As well as government censorship much of it was done by the soldiers themselves, in order to keep the real truth from their families, to keep honor. In conclusion, censorship during the war 1 impacted the home front in many ways but mainly by leaving them in the dark about their loved ones, restricting what they were allowed to say and just in general the fact that everything sent was read by more than just the receiver, invading privacy. As well as this it also created a romanticized idea of war, manufacturing a false idea of what war really is death, disease and
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