Essay On Canada's Involvement In Afghanistan

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Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan If Canada wants to change its role in Afghanistan from peacekeeping to being in the front lines leading the war, why weren’t Canadians informed of the change in mission sooner? Every tax paying Canadian has the right to have the war issue debated in parliament. Liberal members of parliament should force a vote on the change of war issue before more Canadian soldiers get killed. Why are Canadians fighting Americans losing battle? Originally, Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan was in support of America and the coalition after September eleventh attacks. Canadians took part in peacekeeping efforts in order to bring stability and harmony to the region. But recently, four years later that has all changed…show more content…
Those closely following on-the-ground developments in Afghanistan are astonished that Canadians have sent their military into a stepped-up mission the aims of which have not been debated. They also worry that our military doesn't truly understand the nature of the conflagration (P. Weinberg, 2005). One of the complexities of fighting a war in a place like Afghanistan is not knowing the terrain, this was one of the main reasons the Soviet army was defeated. The Canadian army is also unfamiliar with the landscape of Afghanistan and will learn a hard lesson. Till a national debate takes place, Canadian soldiers are going to keep dieing in Afghanistan and being sent home in body bags. The country needs to have a defined time frame for the war, what it is going to cost and how many are going to die? This all needs to be debated. Opposition members of parliament need to stand up and with a strong voice ask why the Canadian military role of peacekeeper has all of a sudden changed to a more dangerous mission, that of warriors fighting the terrorists. Our present Prime Minister is avoiding this topic, saying instead we must support our
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