Essay On Berlin Airlift

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The U.S. decision to supply Berlin through an airlift was beneficial to our country in present time and in future time because we were able to gain the trust of the Germans whom later became one of our greatest allies, it halted the spread of communism, it made the world see that America is not only a superpower but a good, kind and caring nation. Due to an overabundance of handkerchiefs, a ration of candy, and a kind heart, Colonel Gail S. Halvorsen was able to change history. It all started with two sticks of gum and a group of young children that were thrilled to have a tiny piece of something unknown and delightful. From that day forward The Chocolate Uncle would fly over Berlin and wiggle his wings and drop loads of candy down to the children. This small…show more content…
Through simple kind acts like the Candy Bombs, the United States gained the trust in millions of Germans, while aslo halting the spread of communism throughout western Europe, and setting a good example to the rest of the world. This battle saved over 2.5 million people without firing a single shot. In a matter of fifteen months in 1948-49, world history was changed by the greatest humanitarian aviation event in history, the Berlin Airlift. Berlin Airlift Assessment Scoring Guide 5 = excellent; 4 = good; 3 = satisfactory; 2 = needs work; 1 = marginal/ineffective; 0 = does not meet guidelines Written account clearly illustrates student understanding of the Berlin Airlift’s importance/impact.5 Written account is convincing and effective at describing 3 main results of the Airlift 5 Written account includes sufficient supporting detail for each of the main results 5 Written account includes three relevant persons 5 Written account is well-written, legible & free of major grammatical errors 5 Teacher comments. Excellent job. I have seen college essays not as well
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