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Ben Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. Ben founded the library company of Philadelphia in 1731. He also founded the academy of sciences of Philadelphia. Ben printed the Pennsylvania Gazette in 1729and often contributed pieces to the paper under aliases. The Pennsylvania Gazette was the most successful in the colonies. In the 1730s and 1740s the printing business was thriving. When he retired in 1749 he started concentrating on science, experiments, and inventions. Ben had already invented a heat-efficient stove, swim fins, the glass harmonica, and bifocals. In early 1750s he started studying the science of electricity. In 1736 Ben organized Philadelphia’s Union Fire Company the first in the city. So in 1752 Franklin helped to found the Philadelphia Contribution for insurance against loss by the fires. The glass harmonica was created in 1758 while he was in England. Franklin came up with this idea by seeing someone water filled wine glasses and improvised with bowls powered by a foot pedal. Ben Franklin didn’t invent electricity but discovered things not understood before. Some terms Franklin used are battery, charge, plus, and minus. The lightning rod was placed on top of a building so when lightning strikes it goes down the wire besides damaging the house. The Ferguson’s clock was the clock that tells the hours, minutes, and seconds using three wheels and two pinions but then was improved by James Ferguson. At the age of eleven Franklin invented a pair of swim fins that were attached to your hands. When Franklin made eight voyages across the Atlantic Ocean he wondered why coming back was longer then going there. So all of his wondering led him to draw the first map of the Gulf Stream. Franklin noticed the books were very expensive. So he got some resources so members could afford to buy books from England. Which is the nation’s first

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