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As a religion the ideological “function” was to provide meaning and in doing so, comfort for its followers. This comfort and meaning was illuminated by the Aztec religions ability to explain natural forces, organize the cosmos and explain cultural happenings within the society. Each of these concepts help to present meaning in life, life choices, beliefs and ways of living. The Aztec religion provides an explanation for the origin of the universe. It is an important aspect of life to understand this concept in order to answer important and fundamental questions of purpose, significance and existence. “we would be lost in murk of chaotic experience and probably would not have survived as a species in any case” (Bruner (1990) (p. 56). It is said that in the beginning the dual God, Ometecuhtli, created itself. This God was all, Good and Bad, Order and Chaos, Male and female. Ometechutli had four children,…show more content…
Aztec Gods were indeed imperative to the life of Aztec followers. The Aztecs believed that their lives were dependent upon the will of the various gods. The gods were often seen to be kind and loving, while others were frightening and cruel. Brought on by the fear of these various Gods and their ability to harm and benefit the individual, The Aztecs performed a variety of rituals in order to appease the Gods. At the root of these rituals was the belief that the Gods would be pleased and nourished by the heart and blood of human beings. All hearts were considered good, however the bravest hearts were seen to be the most pleasing of the gods. This belief lead to many wars between Aztec tribes. People would bring captives of other tribes to sacred temples for sacrifice. Some sacrifices consisted of only one sacrifice, however many included the sacrifice of many. Many of these rituals involved a priest or priestess making a small incision into the ribcage of the captive and pulling out the living

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