Essay On Australia's Involvement In The Vietnam War

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Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War officially started in July-August 1962, after we responded to a request for security assistance from the Vietnam Government we dispatched 30 military advisors as the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV) also known as “the team”. By early 1965, it had become clear that South Vietnam could not fend off the communist revolution and their North Vietnamese comrades for more than a few months, so the US commenced a major escalation of the war; committing 200,000 troops to the conflict, as well as requesting assistance from its allies, one of which being Australia. The Australian government dispatched the 1st battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR) in June 1965 to serve alongside the US.…show more content…
We made alliances for our protection against the “Domino Theory” while Australia as a nation faced issues such as the ban on communism, the Petrov Affair and the split in the A.L.P. Ultimately, the Vietnam War was something in which Australia involved itself. Australia was effected significantly by the Vietnam War, it was not only effected Socially, but Politically, Environmentally and Economically; these were all issues after the war and lead to feminism and conscription. Australia as an ally of the United States, under the ANZUS Pact, together with New Zealand, sent ground troops to Vietnam and contributed material to the war effort. As a result, in late 1964 the Australian government controversially re-introduced conscription for compulsory military service by eligible males aged 18-25. Jean McLean was founding member of The Save Our Sons Movement which campaigned against conscription and Australia’s participation in the Vietnam war in the 1960s. “Save Our Sons” was a protest group of 5 women, Jean McLean, Joan Coxsedge, Irene Miller, Chris Cathie and Jo Maclaine- Ross who were all heavily against conscription as well as the idea of war in
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