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1. There is no such thing as Australian Identity. AGREE • many stereotypes eg. Bogan • Not really an Australian identity, but there are many different cultures and religions which make up the 'Australian identity' because we are so multi cultural and different. • People think Australia is bogan, (mullets, board shorts, bbqs, thongs, bleached hair, surfing, • We have different sports, mateship, food, arts, S- surprising your audience, 'shock them' eg. Australia has the most BORING culture in the world, Australians are the silliest people I've met. (make a statement that's shocking, controversial) T- telling a story A- ask a question eg. Who thinks that Australia is a land of just kangaroos, koalas and meat pies. Who's been…show more content…
There are many stereotypes about Australians, mainly Bogans. People think that Australians are all bogans, ride kangaroos to school, eat sausages and surf all day and have bleached blonde mullet hair that wear board shorts printed with the Australian flag and thongs every day, although this does apply to some people, the majority are not like this. I personally like the stereotype of everyone having a Southern Cross tattoo plastered on their chest. Australia doesn’t really have an identity because it is made up of many different types of cultures and religions which make up the identity of which Australia holds. I’m guessing you guys all probably think to yourself at night in bed “what is Australia’s identity? Well...I’m here to tell you! Australia has a great diversity of people, food, shops, beaches, sport, the outback and the city lifestyle. We live in a free and democratic society and we are allowed to have a voice, and vote for our leaders. We value mate ship and always help others in need as well as bravery in wars such as Gallipoli. Australia’s identity is still a huge debate to whether or not we have an identity or

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