Essay On Australian Flag Debate

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| The Australia Flag Debate: | Should Australian Change Their Flag Now? | | Jinxing ZHOU (Chow) | 2014/5/22 | | The Australian Flag Debate: Should Australian Change Their Flag Now? Australia, which official name is the Commonwealth of Australia, is one of the British Commonwealth Nations. And it is a young country which is like the USA. In the 18th century, when the first British settled down here, Australia became a colony of Britain. (Wikipedia 2014) From then on, the symbol of Britain or Europe can be seen everywhere in Australia. For instance, the national flag of Australia has the Union Jack on the top of left corner, although Australia is an independent country rather than a dependency of Britain. The flag is the most important symbol of a country, because it stands for the country in the world. It makes us focus on the Australian Flag Debate. The Australian Flag Debate, a periodic question, is a discussion about whether the Australian should change their national flag or not. Especially, the new flag should remove the Union Jack from the canton and to introduce a completely new design which is without the Southern Cross. (Wikipedia 2014) And it has been an ongoing debate since early 1990s. From the history of Australia, we can know that it has many connections with Britain. Australia is still a nation of the British Commonwealth of Nations and the independence of this country makes some citizens realize that Australia needs to change its national flag; however, the attitude of the other citizens tells us actually that most of them do not…show more content…
The main reason of the debate is the different opinions which are held by the Australian citizens. Both of these two views can be supported by some strong point. In conclusion, getting a final result of the Australian Flag Debate is a long journey, and it needs the whole society to have a considered
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