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Athletic Trainer If you want to be an athletic trainer, the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree but, some athletic trainers hold a master’s or doctorate degree. You should also be good in the healthcare industry and expect competition on a professional and college team level. So, what is an athletic trainer? They help prevent and treat injuries for people of all ages. Their clients range from professional athletes to industrial workers. They major in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, assessment and rehabilitation of muscle and bone injuries and illnesses. Being able to recognize, evaluate, and assess injuries plus provide immediate care when needed is a task that athletic trainers need being one of the first to the injury. To reduce…show more content…
Being an athletic trainer, you might work under a licensed physician, as well as other healthcare providers. You could be dealing with specific injuries and treatment options with a physician and/or doing evaluations and treatments as directed, it just varies. Meeting with an athletic director, physician practice manager, or other administrative officer on a regular basis to discuss deals with budgets, purchasing, and other business-related issues are considered administrative responsibilities of an athletic trainer. Working indoors mainly you might also be required to stand for a long period, work with medical equipment or machinery, and be able to walk, run, kneel, stoop, or crawl. If, you want to work in a sports setting your schedule is longer and varies. Working in that setting, you must be present for team practices and competitions, and expect schedules to change on short notice. Plus, you work most often in the evening and on weekends. Athletic trainers that work at a high school and teach may work 60 to 70 hours a week, or more. On a college level, you work with one team so, when in season 50 to 60 hours a week is common. During offseason, a 40 to 50 hour shift is common and considered
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