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Asian Americans and Native Americans: The Most Effective Attitude in America Imagine yourself as an Asian American or a Native American. What would your life be like if you were living in the American society? Would you choose to be assimilated? Or would you still stick to your original culture no matter what? These are the common questions that Asian Americans and Native Americans had to go through in their lives while they were struggling with their identities as ethnic minorities in America. However, neither assimilation nor resisting against the American culture provided physical and mental conditions that would ease Asian and Native Americans’ lives and discomfort among people of different races. In order to create respect and tolerance,…show more content…
In fact, there are many cases that white people also become open-minded to ethnic minorities when ethnic flexibly consider both cultures as part of their lives. In “The Man to Send Rain Clouds”, Leon, Ken, and other Native Americans are represented as Indians who are living harmoniously with Father Paul, who is a Christian, by being unbiased about each other’s culture and adapting to it. In the story, for their dead grandfather, they apply the Indians’ traditional funeral ritual in that they “took a piece of string out of [the grandfather’s] pocket and tied a small gray feather in the old [grandfather’s] long white hair” (Silko 49). However, regardless of their traditional cultural heritage, they decide to apply one of Christians’ funeral rituals as well by asking Father Paul, who believes in Christianity. Although this act might be betraying the religion Father Paul has believed in for his entire life, he “shook the container [of holy water] until it was empty” (Silko 52). Despite his own traditional belief, he does such so that he can keep caring relationships with Indians they have created by understanding each other. In other words, attitudes of Native Americans like Ken and Leon are encouraging white people to make a community with mutual respect, which leads to a peaceful

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