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Dustin Esmond HIST 1301 Ms. Davis October 9 2012 Articles of Confederation Article I. The delegates wanted to emphasize the importance of the States being united together as one. Article II. They wanted to make sure to separate the affairs of the States from the government so that all colonies would have control over the issues concerning each of their own territories and not be interfered with. Article III. In this article, the delegates wanted to ensure the general mutualism between the States in means of not only protection, but to safeguard commerce between the colonies. Article IV. The delegates wanted to make sure the members of each state interacted easily and freely amongst each other and had equal rights within each state. They also wanted the judgment of one…show more content…
They wanted to have a Congress yearly in which delegates from every state would gather and vote and debate on issues being face by the country and its colonies so the people’s opinions were represented. The representatives were also elected by the people so that members couldn’t be appointed by the government, like which was the case with Britain. Article VI. The delegates wanted to ensure that all states of the new country made decisions as a whole and ones that were beneficial or necessary to all of the colonies, not just to themselves. They also wanted to make sure that no actions of the states as individuals affected any relations with other countries that the states as a whole hadn’t agreed upon. Article VII. The reasoning behind the 7th article is to show the states that if you are pushing for war with an enemy instead of finding a peaceful resolution then your state should be the one called upon to provide the most men for service and to be put in harm’s way. Article VIII. The delegates wanted to explain the reasoning behind taxes and what all they might entail so the citizens wouldn’t feel as if they were being taxed without understanding

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