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In the short story and the film many things were kept the same. The main character was Connie and she was two faced. She had two sides of her life. One side was much conserved when she was with her family and the other side was very outgoing and obnoxious when around her friends. Her parents throughout the short story and the film did not have such a great relationship with her. They favored her younger sister over her because she was very calm and laid back. In the short story and the film Connie is an illusion to the everyday teenager in the United States who is low on their self esteem. Through characterization both the film and short story put specific details to identify what Arnold Friend is really like and who he puts danger in Connie’s…show more content…
The first and most obvious change was Arnold Friend’s character. In the film he isn’t characterized like he was in the short story. He doesn’t have the weird hair or the large boots that make him walk funny. In the story he seems scarier than he does in the film. Also what is different in the film is that it seems like Connie and her parents are trying to work out their problems and discussing them. Also Connie communicates with her sister more so in the movie than in the short story. Joyce Carol Oates makes the short story more dark and spooky compared to Smooth Talk. In the end of the film it continues on after she is taken away with Arnold. In the short story it ends right when she gets in the car with Arnold which creates a more eerie and suspicious kind of feel. But with the way the film ends it doesn’t create the same effect as the story. In the film the girls are always going to the “mall” so their parents think. Connie’s mom starts to get suspicious as the film moves on. Many of the differences were throughout the film so they could prolong the story. Joyce Carol Oates’ short story, “Where are you going, Where have you been” was made into a film called, Smooth Talk written by Tom Cote with many changes applied. Many of them made the film better but then there were the ones that took away from the short story. Even though those changes were applied it

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