Essay On Americans After Ww2

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Valeria Garcia History (1302) from 1877 – Present Essay Topic: 3 America wasn’t and is still not a race. America is a melting pot, full of immigrant from all over Europe and now all over the world. This brought great ideas and diversity to the new world. However, during world war one when Europe was at war with itself this great diversity created a lot of problems. United States could not “root” or support one country or one alliance because The U.S. housed all the parties involve in the war. The Italians wanted to support their country, the British wanted to support their country, the Germans wanted to support their country and so on. President Wilson saw and knew it would cause tension in the States so as a result he decided to stay neutral on the war. He did not want the American people to take side either so he started to remove Europe out of America. All the cities in the states with European Heritage were change to more “American” names, European food like Hamburgers where change to liberty sandwiches (I am surprise American didn’t change Beer to The Freedom…show more content…
Well first of all Wilson had a very moralistic foreign policy meaning that he made foreign decision based on what he believed. Wilson was a firm believer in Democracy so he had already made up his mind and what side to take on the war in disregard to what the people on the States thought. This is really important because the propaganda that goes along with pushing Wilson’s believes of pro-democracy and anti-communism and anti-monarchy has played an important role in WWI, WWII, The Cold War, and this idea even plays a strong role today and the view most Americans have specially over communism and countries that practice it. Lastly and probably and probably most importantly was the raise of Americanism during the little “hiccups” The states had with
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