Essay On American Propaganda

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American Propaganda During World War Two Many of us are familiar with the day that will live in infamy. On December 7th 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and launched America into the second world war. Before that fateful day many Americans were against the country joining in on World War Two, But after most felt a patriotic call to duty and enlisted, but what about the civilians left behind and how was our nation going to afford the war. Uncle Sam had the answers and they came in the form of propaganda. Propaganda is defined as the process of spreading information or ideas in a way that is meant to make people except them. During times of war governments will use propaganda to make society feel good…show more content…
Some such as Der Fuhrers Face had a comic theme with undertones of racism, whose message was to be thankful to be an American and be free to think and do what you wanted to Others like Hitlers children: an education in death played on the fear that it could happen here and empathy for the children of Nazi parents would have to grow up in that environment, but all of them portrayed Japanese or Germans to be unintelligent unattractive and lazy. Other forms of propaganda that were used were quite similar to Nazi propaganda. Compare the Nazi poster displaying the face of a large Jewish man over a burning battlefield. The caption on the poster says (translated) “The Jew, inciter of war, prolonger of war.” implying that the Jewish people were the cause of the war. As opposed to the America poster displaying a Japanese soldier with monkey like features and a sinister smile on his face carrying a nude unconscious America woman into a dark alley with a caption saying “this is the enemy.” Implying that the Japanese were primitive and deviant. Both are meant to incite feelings of hatred towards another
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