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American Drinking Age: Stupid and Dangerous Alcohol consumption in America has always been a touchy subject. Since the founding of America, drinking has been a part of everyday life. However, the side effects of alcohol has made it an easy target by different groups throughout history. The battle between these two groups have created the atmosphere and problem present in most America schools, both at the high school level and college--binge drinking. There are many theories as how to solve the epidemic of binge drinking. The conservative approach attempts to control the problem by making alcohol harder to buy and consume. Another idea is to lower the drinking age. The thought is that when alcohol consumption is not taboo kids will not abuse it and respect for alcohol is learned at an early age. The second option is the easiest and most logical way to protect kids from falling into the dangers of binge drinking and alcoholism.…show more content…
Once a person reaches 18, he or she is considered an adult and has the right to vote and can be sent to war; but you can not buy alcohol. In some cases, the drinking age is considered a way to keep you healthy. The article “Minimum Drinking Age” states, “The human body does not fully develop until the age of 21. The intake of alcohol can cause grave mental and physical damage.” Other countries have a different opinion about the drinking age. For example, in Europe the drinking age ranges from 14 to 18, and other countries have no drinking age at all. In Jeff Frantz’s article “Europeans Learn Responsible Drinking” he states, “You’re allowed to drink earlier in Europe so you get used to experiences with alcohol earlier, so when you’re 18, you’re more responsible about it and can take care of yourself and your friends.” Alcohol is easier to buy and consume in Europe, unlike in America where it is harder to purchase, so young Americans have a hard time handling

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