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Essay On "All Quiet On The Western Front"

  • Submitted by: BobbyBob321
  • on May 1, 2012
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All Quiet on the Western Front

      Through many movies and shows the world tries to portray “War” as something fun and exciting, or as if it was just a video game. In reality war is a much different story, even though it may be exciting at times and could provide a great educational opportunity. The book “All Quiet on the Western Front” shows just how chaotic a war could be. In the book Paul Baumer, the main character, and his fellow comrades have to endure in many dangerous battles and deal with the horrific conditions of warfare. Despite the constant threat of enemy fire, everyone there have to struggle for food, deal with the lack of trained replacement troops, and the large possibility of death. The book highlights just how horrendous a battle can be out at war. It reveals that in a battle people are really blew to bits. For instance, in one of the fights Paul observes just how badly people were being wounded. He sees his comrades legs, arms, heads being blew apart. To save his own life from a falling shell, one of the soldiers (after getting his feet shoot off) ran into a shell-hole on the bones that were left over from his critically injured feet. During World War I soldiers had to face many poisonous gases that turn your skin blue because of the lack of oxygen. Even when a soldier has a gas mask on they still have to remember that they only have a limited amount air in the mask. In the book, after the area that Paul and his company were fighting was gassed, one of his comrades was losing air in his mask, so he instinctively removed his mask and inhaled the poison, then die immediately. In films and on television the winners of a battle often win large pieces of land and quickly gain control of the war. But Erich Maria Remarque, the author, shows that they only win insignificant little pieces of land, which unfortunately are usual lost again later.
A soldier's mind is affected tremendously during a war. Fellow comrades become so frighten by the chance...

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