Essay On African Americans In The Workplace

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AFRICAN AMERICANS in THE WORKPLACE John E. Mender Jr. SOC315 CULTURAL DIVERSITY APRIL 12, 2012 DR. DEBORAH HAUCK AFRICAN AMERICANS in THE WORKPLACE African Americans face different aspects in the workplace. Some opportunities include the employment process. African Americans face problems dealing with attitudes, stress, and moving up the ladder in the workplace. People experience high unemployment rates and miss out on job opportunities. Women are challenged with unequal pay, sexual harassment, and discrimination. Some employers feel that a woman can do a job better than they can, so they say I couldn’t hire you because you are over qualified for the position. On some jobs others are offered a job position before an African American is offered that position, and sometimes it doesn’t make a difference if you are more qualified than the other person. If they do not accept the position then you may get offered that position and that is looked at as a hand me down position. African Americans may not receive assignments that offer a long term position or advancement for the company. Dealing with racial comments are issues when working…show more content…
African Americans are looked at as irresponsible, lazy, and stupid. As an African American Male that is not true, that is a stereotype, but some people think that way. In society African Americans have came a long way. In society, now that makes a difference in today’s time. African Americans are progressing in business and have the first African American President in the United States. Some people in society look to African Americans because we make a difference in jobs, the quality of work, the positions, offices we hold and now education. African Americans have come a very long way but society will not give us the credit we deserve. As people in society we can make a change and difference in today’s world and people
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