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African American studies refer to an interdisciplinary academic field that had an aim to the study of the history, culture and the politics of the African Americans. The African Americans refer to people who happened to have found themselves in the United States of America, either they were taken as slaves or they intentionally went there to live and do business or studies. At the arrival at the American soils, these people had different culture, history and political points of view as they were aliens in the land. African American studies, being a field of study, devoted itself to the study of these African Americans including the culture and traditions of the African people as a whole. This study ranges from the British to the Caribbean isles. The field, being science oriented, also involved the scholars of the African American literature,…show more content…
The party of the Black Panther got to the national and the international fame when it participated deeply in the black power movement and the politics of the United States in the years 1960s and 1970s, during a period when there was so much of the racism in the United States. This movement was against the racism and thus considered a foundation of the Americas significant social, political and the cultural history. The forces that the Black Panther movement used totally altered the contours of the American identity, for instance they were very disturbing in their provocative rhetoric's, militant postures and flourishing in their politics and culture(Marine, G. 1969).The term panther refers to one of the majestic, intelligent and exotic animals, which is always fascinating and interesting to many people. The animal itself is quite often used in connection with a wild cat. It has a dark coloration, and looks like a leopard or a jaguar with mechanistic coloration. It is normally found in the dense tropical rain forests of the south East

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