Essay On African American Stereotypes

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A stereotype is a biased idea that associates certain attributes or actions to all members of a certain class. This term is often used with negative intent when referring to the certain class. Stereotypes are often based upon prejudices and are mainly used to explain differences due to gender, race, religion, disability, etc. African Americans are often thought of, when it comes to stereotypes. Nowadays many races are stereotyped, but African Americans are one of the most frequently racial groups stereotyped against. Stereotypes of African America developed in American culture back in the colonial years of settlement, after slavery became mainly associated with African Americans. In the 19th century the black face minstrel shows portrays African…show more content…
Africans Americans are mainly in the spotlight of the news, when they are involved in crimes. When an African American becomes successful in the music industry or in sports they are glorified, and seen as the African Americans who “made it” in the world and got out the “hood”, as if all black people are poor and living in run down neighborhoods. Even in terms of education; when there a school with predominantly African American school, if that school was to one year have extremely exceptional test scores on a statewide exam. That school would be in the news and hailed as being a school helping it students achieve good marks. But if a predominantly white school was to have high test scores, they wouldn't even mention them in a newspaper. Why is it big spectacle when African Americans achieve in education? Because main stream media feeds into the fact that African Americans are uneducated. But those are some examples about African Americans, the stereotypes about Africans living in Africa are on a whole other level. The stereotypes about Africans are that they are savages, primitive, cannibalistic persons who go around nude and practice
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