Essay On African American Slavery

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A lone African tribesman returns home from a hunting session, only to find a group of unfamiliar, unshaven white men approaching his tribe. He curiously approaches the group, and wonders why they have come. With sudden force, the white men whisk away the tribesman onto a ship. Weeks pass and the tribesman, beaten and disillusioned, wonders why? Britain, France and Netherlands all started the slave trade for one main reason, profits. “Slavery was not born of racism; rather, racism was the consequence of slavery.” 1 When the Europeans migrated to America, they needed a huge task force to help them cultivate crops such as tobacco, sugar, and coffee. The Europeans first tried Native Americans. They initially started trading and eventually…show more content…
Plantation owners often had to buy more and more slaves since some of them die from exhaustion or they were too old to keep to work. Slave ships did not come every day so it would take a while before another fresh batch comes. In order to fix this, owners would buy several African female slaves and have them mate with the males. This way, as long as the two slaves had a baby, that baby would become the property of the individual who owned them. In the 1800s, the African American population was skyrocketing. As the United States expanded and conquered more land, more slaves were needed and this was good news for the plantation owners. As the United States expanded, landowners demanded more slaves to cultivate the developing agricultural economy in the West. Inter-slave mating, therefore, became the standard for labor replacement and profit maximization. With the extra increase in slaves, they had the choice of using the extra labor force or selling slaves to other land owners. 13 As America began to grow, profits became the main drive for slavery. Europeans noticed that America was a goldmine, filled with sugar and cotton, thus causing many Europeans to move. In order to maximize profits, you needed labor. Slavery was the
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