Essay On African American Family

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African American Family Ethnicity SOC 312: Marriage & Family Abstract African American Family ethnicity shares several simularities with the West African culture. Many common practices can be traced back to and even before slavery. Ancestor lineage is generally passed down through the mother’s ancestors. Religion is a major value in the African American ethnicity; rules that were passed down from generation to generation are still being followed. Some of the traditions can still be seen today in my family. Respect and obedience for elders is expected from the young. According to Obadina (2007), ethnic identity has played an important role in human history, serving as a major factor in the organization of certain societies, in motivating…show more content…
I’m still expected to do the cooking and cleaning, wearing anything other than a dress to church would be unacceptable. Religion is a major value in my life. Sunday is my family’s day of rest and remembrance, we all gather around the table as a family. I make church attendance a must for my children, and my daughter is always in a dress during attendance. Respect and obedience is also a major value in my family. My children are to always remain respectful to anyone that’s their elder. However, as they come of age, I don’t believe I will have set duties for them around the house. I believe that these tasks should be shared by both male and female. I pray that many of the religion and family values will be instilled in my daughter as well. References Obadina, E. (2007). Ethnic Group in Africa. Mason Crest Publishers, 13, 14. McIntosh, K & McIntosh, M. (2006). Color, Culture & Creed. Mason Crest Publisher, 36, 38. Barbarin, O. (2002). Characteristics of African American families. Retrieved December 2, 2009,
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