Essay On African American Discrimination

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The African American community had to deal with much discrimination throughout history. Beginning the discrimination was when Europeans shipped enslaved African Americans into the Jamestown colony in 1619 to help harvest tobacco (Slavery in America, 2012. Slaves evolved to tend different crops for the slave owners including sugar, rice, and wheat. Enslaved African Americans worked from sun up to sun down in the hot fields to tend crops (Slavery in America, 2012). Once the Civil war was started blacks tried to join the Army but were turned away because of a law that was being upheld to keep African Americans from enlisting. This discrimination lasted until President Lincoln passed the Final Proclamation. African Americans were then allowed to…show more content…
The grandpa clause was a way to allow white people to vote while stopping the black community from casting their votes. In the 1700s and 1800s there were several laws that supported slavery. The South Carolina Act of 1740 made it illegal to teach slaves reading and writing. It also made slave owners responsible for keeping slaves in control and from rebelling (Slavery in America, 2012). The South Carolina Act of 1740 was established after the Stono Rebellion in 1739. In the Stono Rebellion slaves killed a few white men and stole weapons in South Carolina. The slaves were trying to escape to Florida, which was a part of Spain. On the journey to Florida many slaves joined and were trying to get to freedom. The slaves were caught before reaching Florida and around fifty slaves and twenty white men died due to this rebellion (Slavery in America, 2012). One of the most important laws supporting slavery was the Compromise of 1850. This compromise allowed fugitive slaves to be caught and returned from free states to their owners in the slave

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