Essay On Active Participation In Health And Social Care

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1.3 People who are in care or receive support may be more vulnerable to abuse purely because they might not be able to defend their selves therefore this makes them vulnerable to abuse. Some of the main factors which contribute towards this are, neglect, physical, emotional, institutional, sexual or financial. 2.1 A. If I suspected that an individual was being abuse by one of my colleagues then I would instantly inform my line manger if not my manager, if this wasn’t taken in the correct way or serious enough then I would get in contact with the council or Whistle Blow. B. If I suspected my manager was treating an individual unfairly then I would get in contact with the council and again Whistle Blow. C. If a friend or a relative was to be…show more content…
If I was to do personal centred care then this would definitely reduce the risk of abuse purely because I would have a greater understanding and knowledge of the individual’s preferences and know what they like and dislike. Active participation is also very important in my work place, this enables that the service users are keeping fit and mobile but also builds confidence. By promoting active participation this can reduce abuse as the individual engages positively by actively participating is area of their life, such as in personal care, the scope for abuse by others is reduced. Promoting choices and rights is empowerment and about taking control of your life even if this is in a small ways, by including a resident in their care it allows them to still be an individual to have rights and wishes recognised even if they do not verbally contribute to be included is good practise. 4.2 It’s essential to have an accessible complaint procedure as it reduces the chances or abuse occurring, I believe that this is because it’s made easy to report any forms of abuse by anybody and everybody.

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