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Katrina Palmer Stour Valley Community Care Impact of acquired brain injury on individuals Katrina Palmer Stour Valley Community Care Impact of acquired brain injury on individuals Describe with Acquired Brain injury is An acquired brain injury is any sudden damage to the brain received during a person’s lifetime which is not a result of a birth trauma. Acquired brain injuries normally have long term problems in the areas of thinking and behaviour and are not easy to see or recognize like physical disabilities. Identify three possible causes of Acquired Brain Injury * A traumatic injury such as a road traffic accident, a fall or a sporting injury * Stroke * Viral infection, such as meningitis or septacemia Explain…show more content…
The individual can become irritable at a moments notice. Many people suffer from depression which can be caused by the physical and cognitive changes that they have experienced. Some people can become self-centred and not recognize other people’s point of view and can become very demanding which can cause resentment. Often people with acquired brain injury do not like to be left alone for any amount of time. Explain the concepts of loss in relation to acquired brain injury for individuals and carers The care that is given to an individual with an acquired brain injury is crucial. It can be a major stress factor for close family members as well as the individual as life has to change completely. Some brain injury suffers have symptoms which may be temporary or long-term but cannot be determined when the individual first has the brain injury. Vast ranges of emotions will be experienced by all concerned. The individual concerned will often be termed as ‘not being the same person they were’. Roles within a family unit normally change dramatically. The person suffering from the injury can often appear to not care about their family anymore as they are not able to show signs of emotion, love or

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