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Stress Among Management Students: As the management education is an important medium that facilitates improvement of leadership qualities and turns out excellent future managers, which is quite evident. Students entering into the professional education needs to face many challenges to which they have never been exposed earlier. The pressure to earn good grades and to earn a degree is very high (Hirsch & Ellis, 1996). Other potential sources of stress include excessive homework, unclear assignments, and uncomfortable classrooms (Kohn & Frazer, 1986). In addition to academic requirements, relations with faculty members and time pressures may also be sources of stress (Sgan-Cohen & Lowental, 1988). It is important to the society that students should learn and…show more content…
Do these situations really cause problems and academic stress? Do the differences in learning methods and teachers’ teaching methods, in addition to the assignments, tests , project and course selection, cause academic stress in students? INTRODUCTION Self-efficacy, as defined in Bandura’s (1977, 1982, 1986, 1997) social cognitive theory, is “the belief in one’s capabilities to organize and execute courses of action required to produce given attainments” (Bandura, 1997, p. 3). The theoretical framework of self efficacy is grounded in Bandura’s social cognitive theory of personality which views people as self-organizing, proactive, self-reflecting, and self-regulating rather than as passively reacting organisms influenced by environmental factors or driven by hidden inner desires. In addition, it explains that an individual’s functioning and activities are the outcome of a dynamic interaction of three important factors. These are: (i) A person’s behaviour; (ii) Personal factors (e.g., thoughts, beliefs, etc.); and (iii) Environmental conditions. These three factors

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