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The topic: While a variety of factors have shaped the diversity of Indigenous Australian philosophy and practices across the Australian continent, one of the central characteristics of the Aboriginal worldview is the concept of the ‘Dreaming’. Outline some of the key aspects of this belief system and reflect on this in comparison to your own worldview. INTRO: As stated in the topic, there are many ways that have influencial development in culture and worldviews within a person and within a group. These influences make up a person’s “self”, the way they view themselves, the world and their own rationality. A majority of worldviews are developed through surroundings, so, culture. Before settlement of Europeans around the time of Captian Cook (1836), in Australia there were roughly 250 distinct languages, 700 different dialects being spoken, and in South Australia alone there were 54 different languages being spoken (Adelaide's recipe for life Wisdom of the Kaurna, 2000, p5). Though there was vast diversity amongst the Aboriginal people across Australia, there was also cohesion around the main beliefs and ideals of the Indigenous people, the most Influential being “The Dreaming”. The large number of groups of Indigenous across early Australia still had their own distinctive language,…show more content…
To make things clearer again, the Dreaming is a worldview; it is the key aspects to base your life around for the Aboriginal people, it is the commonality that ties all groups of Australian Indigenous together, guiding them with this worldview through all aspects of life. “The Dreaming is central to the existence of traditional people for it determines their values and beliefs and their relationship with every living creature and every feature of the

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