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Religion and Belief Systems in Australia Post – 1945 Contemporary Aboriginal Spiritualities Aboriginal spirituality is determined by the Dreaming A person who [is accepted by] identifies with an Aboriginal community. The dreaming is expressed in a physical sense through kinship systems, ceremonial life, obligations to the land and people. Dreaming is the beginning of all things, its refers to events and places, it affect all of life. It is the past, present and future. Aboriginal sacred stories are stories about events of the Dreamtime and how Ancestor formed the land and founded life on the land. Dreaming is the unseen spirit world. It is not obscure and in the past. It is reality – Dreaming is expressed in ceremonies, dance, song…show more content…
- Usually a reference to the rights to use the land but it can also mean the rights to fish in particular waters. Mabo - The high court of Australia upheld the claim of the Merriam people from the Murray Islands in the Torres Straight that Australia was not Terra Nullius and that the Merriam people had continuously inhabited the islands. - Eddie Mabo V QLD 1992 - To overturn Terra Nullius – land that is uninhabited or that belongs to no one. - Lead to Native Title Act 1993 - Indigenous people have right to land Wik (1996) - The wik case concerned land that was subject to pastoral leases. - The high court of Australia decided that native title rights could co exists with the rights of pastoralists. But when pastoralists and aboriginal rights were in conflict, the pastoralists’ rights would

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