Essay On A Career As A Health Assistant Practitioner

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Information about training courses There are many different training courses that can be undertaken to further your career progression as a health care assistant (HCA). 1. Full or part-time higher education courses such as: • access courses for individuals who want to gain a higher qualification, but do not have the necessary entry qualifications to get into higher education • the Return to Learn course organised by Unison and the Open University (OU) for those who would like to study in their own time • NVQs, which are work-related, competence-based qualifications. 2. Other OU qualifications include: • OU Diploma for Health Care Assistants in Primary Care Practice, Level 3 • OU Foundation Degree for Assistant Practitioners…show more content…
The role of a trainee assistant practitioner There are currently 600 trainee assistant practitioners in posts across 23 sites in Greater Manchester. Working initially as a trainee assistant practitioner, they are expected to deliver ‘hands-on’ health and social care, and have a greater skill level and education than an HCA. As the diagram below shows, the assistant practitioner role crosses the registered/unregistered professional boundaries. The role includes skills and knowledge from a number of different professional areas. In particular, it includes nursing, physiotherapy, dietetics, occupational therapy, social, talking therapies and technical skills. The ‘content’ varies depending upon the service area. There are some ‘core’ topics that have emerged over the past 2 years, which are listed below: • record keeping and understanding of the legal issues • wound care management • continence and catheterisation • health promotion, particularly around smoking cessation in the community • mental health knowledge • health and social care

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