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First Amendment Research Assignment NY TIMES CO. vs. US Government Throughout our nation’s history, the Supreme Court has become involved in many legal disputes regarding limitations that can be placed on the guarantees of the 1st Amendment. The right to freedom of expression under the 1st Amendment includes freedom of speech, press, assembly and petition, among other things. In many of these situations, the conflicts are derived from disagreement over threats to national security. These types of cases are repetitive, since they attempt to weigh out the upholding of our Constitutional rights against the security of our nation, two very significant factors. In 1971, an issue reached the Court brought forth by the New York Times Co. involving the publishing of classified government documents.…show more content…
After losing a great deal of support for the Vietnam War, this seemed to many as a government motive of “political censorship rather than national security” leading to a time of distrust(Issues of Dem). While there are still specific instances where national security can be acknowledged as a valid reason for certain limitations, it was determined in this case as insufficient. This shows that while our government was created for the betterment and protection of the country, certain officials and organizations will abuse power from time to time, and must be checked on. While this issue of power abuse seems far greater in countries such as those in Latin America, it has and will continue to happen in the US. Fortunately, we have a more stable system than some regions, and although it was the New York Times Co in this case study, it is our duty as citizens to utilize our representatives as well as our judicial system to combat wrongdoings. We as Americans have the duty to defend the very principles and laws that we live by, even if the injustices are from within our own
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