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Technology Of The 1920’s Submitted to: Mrs Chong Submitted by: Eileen Wang Date: October 22nd, 2011 Technology of the 1920’s During the 1920s, Canadians thought as if the world was becoming smaller. (Spotlight Canada) The new technological inventions were the reasons why everything became more compact and simple. It also allowed countries to be contributed and tuned in. The new technologies of the 1920’s changed lifestyles for Canadians as it increased communication, transportation, and convenience. The radio was known as one of the greatest creations that increased social awareness, and communication. The news was broadcasted from radio signals which allowed…show more content…
Automobiles use to be at a very high price that not everybody could afford. Henry Ford, an American citizen wanted to create another type of vehicle that everybody was capable of having other than the Benet buggy, which is a carriage being pulled by a horse. The name of Ford’s creation was called “Model T”. It involved all the basic needs that an automobile requires such as wheels, the engine, and body. The car cost around $395. This was very convenient for Canadians because they would be able to reach to their desired locations on time, and children could easily get to schools and hospitals. The Model T allowed everybody to explore around the city, making it less lonely for people who haven’t been out very much. Having a car also symbolized individualism because you are in control of where you are going instead of constantly being on a bus, or a train that has low privacy levels. Movie celebrities in the 1920’s drove cars to increase their publicity image, representing cars as a symbol of freedom. However, there were some negative sides towards this invention. The automobile would pollute the air, cause traffic jams on the road, and thousands of people would die per year. Criminals would also make use of the automobiles to reach to destinations faster. This affects the lifestyles of citizens because it is dangerous that there is possible opportunity for criminals to get away with

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