Essay On 10 Mary Street Belonging

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Humans have the unique position to belong or not belong. Belonging is the concept that separates us from complete isolation. Above all others, the purpose of our question is to reveal how our knowledge on belonging has been broadened with the study of four texts. As such, the study the photograph of Dorothy Counts taken in the 1960s during the time of the Civil Rights Movement in America, the film Matilda directed by Danny DeVito, two literary texts of Migrant Hostel and 10 Mary Street by Peter Skrzynecki, leads us in the hope of revealing an answer or at least create a better understanding of belonging within our society. The poem Migrant Hostel tells us of the experience that the migrants have gone through and the situation of their lives…show more content…
“Unaware of the season whose track we would follow” reinforces the idea that they do not belong in society but are willing to take any opportunities that they are given, feeling the urge that they must belong to cope in society. They are not in control of their lives and are isolated from the Australian society. 10 Mary street is a poem written as a memoir towards the memories of the poet when he was living there. The text is significant towards the persona’s sense of belonging, because it was the place where he “kept pre-war Europe alive” and “With photographs and letters” as quotes acting as the remnants of his cultural identity. The poem as such, is symbolic of his past and cultural heritage, upon the bases of his identity. This is shown through the various imageries relating towards the memories of the house, such as the simile, “like a well-oiled lock” and the figurative, “hid the key under a rusty bucket”. The extremity of the details given shows the vividness of his memories, belonging, as it reflects upon his view of the
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