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“THE WRITING PROCESS” According with chapter I, we have to keep in mind a few important points before begin to write. Before start a writing project we have to know what is the purpose of it?, what exactly, is the project, discover ideas, organize those ideas, draft, revise, edit and proofread. The prewriting or draft is a good opportunity for those who are going to write about any story. Have a clear idea about the topic is the first step. Prewriting helps you to correct or find the right words to make alive the contest. It is very important express any experience regarding the story, that might help you to organize or get the main ideas, once you have the ideas organized the next steps will be make a draft which can allow you to detect or reach any mistake made during the prewriting. This chapter recommends you to write many drafts to improve your writing skills. It is very important make a slowly review before edit it. This chapter also gave us diagnostic writing assignments. We can also make descriptions, narrations and expositions while we are writing about our story. Clarify the writing project, commits ourselves to the work, practice the writing process will give us a key to make the perfect writing. In addition chapter I, give us the choice of learn how to avoid words we do not need while we are writing a project, make unnecessary repetitions, have enough variety of sentences, how to use the right way of punctuations, look closely to paragraphs, review the overall organization patterns and keep out any error, this chapter strongly recommend how to practice our writing online, and how to avoid wrong

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